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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Something to inspire plotting

It was my son's birthday this week and whilst ordering his present from amazon, I decided to slip a little something for myself into the order......
It is my hope that by reading the book it will further inspire me to do marvellous things with my plot this year - I enjoy reading books about allotments particularly those that have lots of lovely pictures in them. I find them a great source of information and find that reading them gets my plotting juices going.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love freecycle!
Last weekend I managed to get rid of an unused bed, old 3 piece suite & a defunct piano....I have also been offered lots of old carpet to use for covering the bottom of the allotment and a never ending supply of well rotted horse manure.
The plan is to strim the weedy beds, put round-up on them and then cover with cardboard then council compost & manure and then top them off with weed suppressing membrane. Hopefully the worms will do some of the work for me over the winter.

Blitzing phase 1

Ventured up to the plot today to have a play with my new toy and start tidying up the plot. I have to say I now think that the task is a bit of a mammoth one.

The brambles are a if anyone has any bright ideas as to how to get rid if them they would gratefully received!
The 'before' photo
The after photos

I need to get some more glass cut for the greenhouse. I do have some spare glass but the sides of the greenhouse are shaped, so if any get broken I need to get new ones cut specially.
It's not that easy to see on the photos but I have strimmed around all the beds so at least I can see them all now & know where to walk!
Buddy posing
My greenhouse & shed with my neighbour's strawberries in the foreground.
I also gave the greenhouse a bit of a clear up.
This is the plot immediately to the left of mine - It was mine but I gave it up as I was struggling with one let alone two plots.
The plot opposite mine - practically completely covered in black plastic...Definitely the way to kill the weeds & clear a plot.
This plot is next door but one to mine, to the right. It's good to see that someone has taken it on.
This chap took on his plot last year - there are photos of it early on this year on the blog.
I chatted with him today about manure, clay soil, free council compost & he said that he had got loads of produce from it this year.
This beautifully dug plot is further round the site.
Someone has taken this lot on this year and it looks to have been very productive.
I like this dinky fruit garden!
There are blackberries growing on this structure - I like it because it is not only functional, it also looks great.

This is their whole lot - another one favouring raised beds.
Raised beds are becoming more & more common over the site - I do say I find it much less daunting contemplating digging one bed rather than a vast expanse of ground, plus it doesn't mean that I am compacting the earth by walking on it.

Someone has just taken this plot on & he has a big pile of rubbish to take to the dump.


When I went to the lot I had a walk round so that Buddy could partake of his favourite past time - sniffing - and it seems that a few more plots have been taken up by new tenants, which is good news, but there are still a few more that have been left to go to pot. Our site must be one of the only ones in Cambridge that cannot seem to let all it's plots.

So if you know anyone in the Cambridge area who would like a plot or a half plot there are some available.

The site is nice - not too big and everyone is friendly & helpful.

It would be great to have all the plots being worked particularly as the council are putting pressure on all the allotment associations to ensure that their sites are being utilised properly.

Am thinking of offering my services for PR etc... What do you think?

Any way am now off to the lot to play with my new brushcutter (before it snows)....will also take some photos of the site so you can see the changes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Haven't been to the plot in ages - mostly due to work, doctorate and just mad busy life, but that doesn't mean it has been forgotten - I have been making cunning plans.....

To put in some fruit trees and build a fruit cage on the bottom half - particularly as all my family love fruit and it is always more expensive to this one, probably not quite so big though.
Ventured there this week and although there are loads of brambles again the beds are still nice & snug under the plastic and look pretty clear of weeds. I have purchased a brush cutter so that I can get the plot looking tidy then I am going to;

Clear the brambles & dig up the roots.
Rotorvate the bottom half of the plot to break up the soil & make it flatter.
Cover the whole area in black plastic & carpet to stop too many weeds growing.
ready for planting of trees and fruit bushes.

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