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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Friday, January 22, 2010


As it was so wet & miserable just did a quick visit to the plot today to take the household waste to the compost bin, had a look at how my seeds etc were getting along and found that some of the garlic has started to sprout - Hooray!

I was reading a blog the other day, and it's author has decided to stop blogging because he could think of nothing new to say about vegetables. I think this is very sad - I love looking at other peoples blogs, particularly the ones with lots of photos - even if they say similar things each year. They are a great source of inspiration.

I don't think I could ever tire of the amazement that seeing things grow from such tiny seeds gives me.

So for now I shall keep on blogging and if I repeat be it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More round the site...

A few more photos of plots around the site...
As you can see my plot neighbour is making great inroads into getting the base ready for his new shed.
These are Ron & his son's plots.
Planting in raised beds is becoming more common - I was the first on the site to use raised beds but more & more people are now doing the same.

This plot has only just been taken on & they are slowly getting it cleared.
This plot is always immaculate - even in the middle of winter.
This is the first plot that you come to upon entering the site from Ancaster Way. They have used every possible container in which to grow things - some of which I can't fathom what they were originally.

Well that's all for now;
I will take some more photos of the site when the weather warms up a little & hopefully more people are around.

1 done 9 to go!

Spent a couple of hours at the 'gym' to day - managed to dig half of this bed over.
The other half has comfrey growing in it which I cut & use on the compost heap and for making the smelliest plant feed ever!
I put some compost in it and then whacked it down with the back of the spade, & will put the rhubarb in here once it has settled a bit.
Weeded round the comfrey with my 'garden claw' and put a mulch of compost round each plant.
Filled 3 of these with bind weed & bramble roots from only 1/2 a bed!
I bought a couple of rhubarb plants from B&Q - don't know if they will be any good but they do have buds on them and because I need to wait until the soil has settled before I plant them I have put them into pots to get them going.
Also put these shelves up by the window in the shed, which I will chit my potatoes on.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Around the Site

Once I had finished removing the bramble roots I went for a walk around the site and took a few photos....

This plot belongs to a chap who has only just taken it on - The pile of wood on the left was a shed & when it was actually standing it leant over at a 45 degree angle.
This plot is always very neat and tidy - something to aspire to.... The dog also looks impressed!
I'm not entirely sure what other animals are on this plot but it definitely looks like a menagerie.
In what was a very over grown area covered in brambles this enclosure has been built....
on closer inspection you can see it is full of bee hives - the fox used to live here and I did wonder where it had gone to but saw it running acroos the site when I left at 3pm this afternoon.
This is a close up of one of the hives with bees to-ing and fro-ing. They are modern style hives - not the lovely sort that you always think of.

Another sunny day.....

This is the view from the back of my shed to the right of my plot

This was what the dog was up to (yes pinching bottles & sticks from other people's plots then chewing them up)

Whilst I was busy digging out bramble root from two of the beds - some of the roots were huge!

This is the view from half way down the plot up towards the main pathway. The two beds on the left are the ones I have cleared of all bramble roots. The one nearest the shed has comfrey in half of it and is relatively weed free, the other half has some grass growing which I need to dig out. The nearer bed also has some grass browing but I plan to grow potatoes using cardboard, manure & planting through black plastic.

I also sowed the remainder of my broad bean seeds into more loo roll inners.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A day of sunshine!

I took advantage of the first dry sunny day we have had for ages and descended onto the plot;

This is the back of the shed, with water butt in situ, guttering re-arranged and all the canes etc hung up...nice & neat.

This is the usual view down the plot

I went to the plot with the aim of clearing all the top growth of the brambles that had taken over the bottom end.

This was similar to how it looked before hand;
This is how it looks now;
I have manage to clear all the brambles, all I need to do now is dig up the roots strim the grass, then I am going to transplant the 2 smallest gooseberry bushes into pots for the time being, dig up the oldest 2 gooseberry bushes and the blackcurrant bush because they have been there forever and are in the wrong place, they never crop very well and I think it would be good to get a couple of new ones for the new fruit beds.
Once I have done this I will rotorvate the whole area, put in the beds, plant the fruit bushes and then mulch around the bushes and cover and bare soil with weed proof membrane.
I know that rotorvating will encourage the couch grass & bind-weed to regrow but I do not have the time to dig the whole area over as I want to get the fruit bushes in this year & need to get them in whilst they are dormant.
I also plan to do the same with the trees - plant then mulch then cover the whole area with weed proof membrane. They will prefer this anyway as they will not have any competition from weed growth.
These are the two huge piles of brambles waiting to be burnt;

I did also manage to plant something... on the right garlic and on the left in loo roll inners, broad beans (Aquadulce Claudia)

It does feel nice to actually sow something at last!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Plot update

Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to get to the plot a few times even in the freezing ice & snow....

So far I have started digging one of the small beds in readiness for rhubarb which I want to move into it. I have covered the other small beds with black plastic to prevent further weed growth.

I have now moved everything off the other plot so it is now available to be re-let, apart for a very large pile of cut brambles and rotten wood which I will burn as soon as it is dry enough.

I have cleaned the greenhouse and replaced all the weed membrane under the gravel.

The green house looking much tidier..
Yesterday I started clering the brambles from the bottom of the plot, just cutting the top growth at present, leacing the roots in the ground with enough stumps so I can see them when I come to dig them up. Luckily 1 bed had carpet covering it and the other had black plastic on it so hopefully once the brambles are cleared it should not be too difficult to prepare as I want to put soft fruit in them.

Reading Material

Was browsing for books to spend the vouchers I received for Christmas on and found these....

Unfortunately I am a sucker for a book with lots of pictures and not alot of writing and these fitted the bill nicely. This is also my benckmark for a great blog! lots of lovely pictures of people's allotments and not too much talking!

The first book has lots of practical projects for building on the allotment such as raised beds, bean frames etc and the second is a guide on what you should be doing on a month by month basis - I really like this book.
Anyway...happy reading!
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