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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More round the site...

A few more photos of plots around the site...
As you can see my plot neighbour is making great inroads into getting the base ready for his new shed.
These are Ron & his son's plots.
Planting in raised beds is becoming more common - I was the first on the site to use raised beds but more & more people are now doing the same.

This plot has only just been taken on & they are slowly getting it cleared.
This plot is always immaculate - even in the middle of winter.
This is the first plot that you come to upon entering the site from Ancaster Way. They have used every possible container in which to grow things - some of which I can't fathom what they were originally.

Well that's all for now;
I will take some more photos of the site when the weather warms up a little & hopefully more people are around.


Lottie said...

You make me feel guilty - I haven't been on my plot for about three months or so - really must get up there.

We had deep snow for four weeks. I will visit more often

Emma Kitteridge said...

It was such a relief to be able to go out with no snow, I tried to make the most of it - probably spurred on by the thought of the allotment commitee watching to see if I was actually going to get on & sort the plot out!

Don said...
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Don said...
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