My Plot

Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Unwanted wildlife

Last Sunday I went to the plot to pick some beans and tomatoes and I was just checking how my poor cabbage plants were after their inauspicious start and I was dismayed to discover that there were some caterpillars on them, my children had come to the plot along with my daughter's friend, I am not very good with creepy crawlies of the caterpillar type so I thought it would be a good idea to get them to collect the caterpillars so in my wisdom I told Francis that I would pay him 5p per caterpillar (there didn't seem to be too many there) - I am now £7.50 poorer!!

I managed to persuade Francis to drown his caterpillars but Chole & her friend were adamant that this was not on so you can imagine her mum's face when she was delivered home with 52 caterpillars as pets!

Prize winning vegetables!

Look I won a prize!!
I entered some of my veggies into the local flower show and I didn't come last - in fact my lettuce won a first prize, I came third in the longest runner bean (It only got that long because the under gardener didn't bother going to the lottie to pick anything whilst I was away with the children), 2nd with my round courgettes, highly commended with my baby courgettes and third with my '6 runner beans' - the weeds have not got the power to destroy me - I will conquer!!! Posted by Picasa

Food glorous food

Even though the plot has been taken over by killer weeds I did still manage to find some edible stuff in amongst the undergrowth, and very nice it tasted too! Posted by Picasa

Invasion from outer space

Help! - I was right the triffids have landed - it appears that the weeds also like hot, sunny and wet weather - perfect growing conditions for them apparently - my only consolation is that it will soon be winter and all these weeds will die! - will I be sorry? Posted by Picasa
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