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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Plot update

Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to get to the plot a few times even in the freezing ice & snow....

So far I have started digging one of the small beds in readiness for rhubarb which I want to move into it. I have covered the other small beds with black plastic to prevent further weed growth.

I have now moved everything off the other plot so it is now available to be re-let, apart for a very large pile of cut brambles and rotten wood which I will burn as soon as it is dry enough.

I have cleaned the greenhouse and replaced all the weed membrane under the gravel.

The green house looking much tidier..
Yesterday I started clering the brambles from the bottom of the plot, just cutting the top growth at present, leacing the roots in the ground with enough stumps so I can see them when I come to dig them up. Luckily 1 bed had carpet covering it and the other had black plastic on it so hopefully once the brambles are cleared it should not be too difficult to prepare as I want to put soft fruit in them.

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