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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hello petal!

This is a picture of a geranium in my garden Posted by Hello


Monday 30th May 2005
Look I found some asparagus on the lottie - sadly only one spear, which I saved before I sprayed everywhere, It is nice to think that something other than couch grass might be able to grow here - this one was not much of a meal though! Posted by Hello

Having a spraying time!

Monday 30th May 2005
Can you tell the difference? this is after I have sprayed it - just you wait couch grass - you WILL die!, my son came with me and spent a happy time saving frogs and putting them into the very overgrown plot next door.
If you are worried about me spraying - the idea is to be organic from here on in but the ground is clay & already has massive cracks in it where it's dried out - I would still be digging this time next year if I tried to do it by hand! Posted by Hello


Our plot from the same place - well it's looking very green! Posted by Hello

Neigbourly jealousy

Sunday 29th May 2005
Our next door neigbours plot (already growing things - even if the Rhubarb looks a little sad) Posted by Hello

Grass at last!

Sunday 29th May 2005
Hoorah - after waiting for what seemed ages, the couch grass has shown it's ugly head above ground. I recon it took so long because it knew that I would zap it as soon as it popped up above ground - It was right! am now going to get stuff to spray it with.... Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Our back garden

29 May 2005
This is our back garden, commonly known as play area, football field, potting shed, plant nursery, wildlife enclosure and very rarely peaceful sanctuary!
P.S. Alas the nice pointy rooved summer house is not ours it belongs to the next door neigbours but unfortunately our fence blew down in some high winds a while ago, after evaluating the damage we have come to the conclusion that the whole lot needs replacing - more hard work! Posted by Hello

Pots everywhere!

May 29th 2005
This is the picture of the back garden nursery! Posted by Hello

Back garden nursery

May 29th 2005
The garden has turned into a nursery - old bread trays = coldframes! so far we have broad beans, runner beans, rocket, lettuce, mange tout, leeks, onions, courgettes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, radishes and tomatoes - oops... nearly forgot the peas. Also my daughter has some sunflowers, sweet peas and melon seeds (the melon was very juicy!) geraniums and stocks that she planted - The only thing is - I don't know if the lottie will be anywhere near ready to plant any of these budding vegetables in the near future - more like the distant future! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The big burn up!

Sunday 15th May 2005
The long grass has been burnt off and it is only now that you can see how uneven the ground is. Notice how our next door neibours have already had their allotment rotovated - lucky pair! Posted by Hello

Hay anyone!

Wednesday 11th May 2005
I've been hard at work with the strimmer!
The plan is to leave the grass to dry, then burn it, leave it a couple of weeks so that the grass starts growing again(but shorter!) and then it will be blitzed with some weed killer, then a very nice man said he would come and cultivate it for me! Posted by Hello

Weeds weeds everywhere!

Sunday 8th May 2005

This is the state of our newly aquired allotment - mmmmm alot of hard work coming me thinks!!! Posted by Hello
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