My Plot

Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Monday, February 11, 2008


After visiting the plotI discovered that the hedge at the bottom of my plots was so overgrown that it had bent over on top of my fruit bushes. So armed with a saw, lopper and secateurs I attacked it. I have now got very scratched and sore arms but a neater looking hedge. I did not want to hack it back too much as it serves as a very prickly deterrent to the undesirables that break into the site on a regular basis.

I have also pruned the gooseberry bushes and black currant bushes and put a mulch around all their bases as well as a mulch round the bases of the apple trees. I am not too sure how to prune apple trees, so will need to read up. I have 2 bramleys seedlings so far and plan to add some more apples, plums and greengages. I would like a mini orchard with wild flowers growing around them which will give us somewhere nice to sit and contemplate.

...something like this

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Through the undergrowth.....

You can spot a dog --- this is just about the only thing you can spot though!

Where have all my raised beds gone?

Mmmm I think I might have a bit of work to do...... Now where shall I start?
What a scary sight - or site! This was the depressing view that awaited me upon my 'return' to my plot, waist high with weeds, all of which will have seeded themselves everywhere, just ready for the spring -Oh how I hate weeds!
I then took a walk around my little bit of britain and discovered that the beds I had actually managed to cover up last year with plastic sheeting and with cardboard topped with council compost had survived. Underneath the mulch there are hardly any weeds and those that are there are easy to pull out. This cheered me up and gave me the motivation to clean up the greenhouse.
I am going to tackle the strawberry beds next as they really need planting out - they have been stuck in the pots for a year, they do seem to have survived though - luckily strawberries seem to be fairly resiliant.
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