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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Monday, April 03, 2006

Blustery day

At the plot today it was warm but very blowy, which meant that my new water butt attempted to fly, luckily it's abilities are about as good as mine and it got about 5 foot, and then resorted to rolling away.

Did some more digging - "ooooh me back!", sowed some more seeds in the greenhouse, inside which it was very warm - a nice place to retreat to when it threw it down with rain! and installed the said water butt. I am surprised at the amount of water that the greenhouse collects - just as well as they have not turned on the water at the plots yet, although they said that it would be turned on in April.

Have not heard about the next door plot and the Guy who oversees the site appears to be avoiding me - probably because I ask about it every time I see him!

I am off work this week so hopefully will be able to make massive inroads into all the things that need doing - well maybe!


Petunia's Gardener said...

Loved all the photos and updates on your progress. At this rate, at the end of your week off, you'll probably be harvesting! Do you find carrots transplant well? I haven't started them inside or out yet, but probably could just go directly outside at this point.

Greenmantle said...


Have to say I've never heard of transplanting carrots before,or any other root vegetables come to that.
If you try it, and it works, please let us know as I cannot get carrots to germinate nicely on my plot.

Emma Kitteridge said...

I am not transplanting the carrots, I have sown them into a deep tub and will eat them from there - they should give me an early harvest.

Jim and Barbara said...

Where did you get your water butt from? As we have a hosepipe ban and water shortage here in Kent I really think that I should get one.

Envious of your week off,mind your back.

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