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Sunday, July 09, 2006

leek flowers

The leeks have thrown up flowers so I cut them all and then took them home and put them in a vase. I suppose I should have really waited and saved the seed but so far I haven't got into the seed saving lark - perhaps I will when time is not so limited, I am struggling to keep on top of the weeds and sow the things I should be - never mind next year will be different......

I have managed to get to the plot quite a bit over the past few days.

I have sowed some mizuna, giant mustard leaves, salad bowl lettuce and 3 rows of radishes.

Planted leeks, sprouting broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale and chard. I know it is late for some of the seedlings but I recon if I water and feed them well they might be alright. I also transplanted some rhubarb and put it into the the bed where the garlic was and the rhubarb that I transplanted last year. If I had not moved it it would have been doomed as it was growing next to the shed that is due for demolishing. I split up the crowns planted them spread tou more, put some pelleted chicken manure around them and watered them well so hopefully they will be happier than they were and produce lots of lovely rhubarb next year. Posted by Picasa


kermit said...

A better use of the greenhouse would be to plant some runner beans in place of the weeds. You would get a ton of beans with no work.

P.S. fire the under gardener he is the problem.

Petunia's Gardener said...

leek flowers make for a very nice arrangement!

Wossername said...

Emma, love the blog. As a novice grow your own gardener I am very interested in where you get all your great ideas, such as using gutters and knowledge from.

Keep up the good work, I have linked to you, I hope that is ok, so that I can visit often and pick up new ideas.

Gambo said...

The potted leeks look fantastic and I predict you'll be eating loads of rhubarb pies next year.

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