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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Done some planting!

Look - a slightly tidier greenhouse!

In the pots are garlic and broad beans.

Managed to plant the garlic into pots and also planted some broad beans into one of the beds which I had previously covered to get it very slightly warmer. Once I had sown the beans I covered them with fleece which will hopefully get them going a bit easier.

I also dug a bean trench down the side of one of the beds and next week I will dig another down the other side. Into these will go the kitchen vegetable scraps providing lots of food for the runner beans.

When I started digging I was surprised how easy it was on the beds that I have dug previously. Growing everything in raised beds is definitely the way to go. I do need to improve the soil as it is 100% clay though and will be digging loads of compost in (well the worms will hopefully!)

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Jooles said...

Hi its good to have you back! I have been doing a little research to find out who has been doing and who hasnt. Well there seems to be me and me alone who has done nothing! Ah well. Seeing your greenhouse before and after I think I should do something with mine. Oh and congrats on the degree. Learning is a fine occupation!

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