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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Monday, February 11, 2008


After visiting the plotI discovered that the hedge at the bottom of my plots was so overgrown that it had bent over on top of my fruit bushes. So armed with a saw, lopper and secateurs I attacked it. I have now got very scratched and sore arms but a neater looking hedge. I did not want to hack it back too much as it serves as a very prickly deterrent to the undesirables that break into the site on a regular basis.

I have also pruned the gooseberry bushes and black currant bushes and put a mulch around all their bases as well as a mulch round the bases of the apple trees. I am not too sure how to prune apple trees, so will need to read up. I have 2 bramleys seedlings so far and plan to add some more apples, plums and greengages. I would like a mini orchard with wild flowers growing around them which will give us somewhere nice to sit and contemplate.

...something like this


Matron said...

It really does pay dividends to mulch your fruit trees this time of year. They also appreciate some potash feed, if you can find wood ash from a bonfire that is great, but any hoof,horn, blood fish and bonemeal will do. BTW, I also got scratched to pieces last weekend from cutting back a pyracantha!

Emma Kitteridge said...

I did put some pelleted chicken manure in the mulch so hopefully this will help!

James Dougan said...

I think we all are aiming for sitting in the sun on that quiet bench with the bees buzzing past and a cool drink in hand......but.....if you're like me there's a lot of work to be done first, have a good year on the plot.

TheGrowGirls said...

aww that bench looks SO nice!

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Paul and Melanie said...

Lovely idea isn't it... a bench like that amidst a perfectly tended plot so you can simply sit and watch things grow... Chance of me getting to that stage however are nil lol ;)

Julie A Carda said...

These plots are very interesting. Nothing quite like this in the states.I wish you had more pictures. Would love to see what has happened since you started. Your dream sounds a lot like the Kin Domains dream in the Ringing Cedar series. I want room for trees and will continue to solve this. Thanks for posting.

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