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Saturday, June 11, 2011

May update part 1

I have been trying to upload photos of my progress on the plot repeatedly and all it keeps doing is saying 'bad request'. What is going on with Blogger? - Is anyone else having any trouble? I managed to upload these photos one by one which also took ages!

Over the past few weeks I have been very busy on the plot, getting everything planted all the final bits of digging done, general titivating of the plot and.....harvesting!
Got most of bed 4 dug over & planted out the kale and sprouting Broccoli. When it came to cover the plants to protect them from the pigeons I had a brain wave - I used an old IKEA bed canopy - fits perfectly and the holes are small enough to prevent all but the tiniest insects from getting through.
My fruit trees have established well, but none of them have much fruit on so I don't think there will be any harvests this year. Hopefully next year they will produce fruit. It's not surprising really as I only planted them out this spring.
The carrots (paris market) that I grew in the greenhouse produced lovely little roots and gave us about 4 meals worth. They were delicious!

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Mal's Allotment said...

Hi Emma, I like your brassica defences!

I've had Blogger problems too. There seem to be two steps you cn take.

1. When you sign in, untick th ebox that says 'Stay signed in'


2. Use Google Chrome as your web browser. This is now entirely compatible with Blogger whereas the others are, as they say, "unsupported".

Unfortunately you lose all your favourites when you do this, and it feels like succumbing to blackmail.

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