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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beans means Beans

Broad beans - Aquadulce Claudia, planted up in newspaper pots - They are biodegradable, easy to make, a great way to recycle old newspapers instead of giving them to the council, and they fit just nicely into my windowsill propogator, I have put these into the coldframe outside, and will plant them when they poke their heads through Posted by Picasa


CoastalCAGardener said...

Great pots. Thanks for the link, I've folded a few and I like them better than the ones my newspaper pot-maker makes. I've been enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work.

Judith said...

I've just found your blog, and reading through some older entries I found the paper pots. Absolutely superb. If you use a newstyle tabloid Times, you just omit the first step. Like any origami the sharper the creases the better the result.


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