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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Greenhouse update

The greenhouse with 1/2 the glass in.
I managed not to break about half the greenhouse glass and have put it into the frame. The price of glass is expensive, although either this or clear polycarbonate is the preferred option. But as I cannot afford either at the moment and my greenhouse does not take the standard 2'x2' sizes I have been looking all over for something to fill in the gaps. Even twin wall polycarbonate is expensive and it doesn't come in the right sizes - I have however found some twinwall stuff from DIY Plastics that is exactly the right size for the sides and I will just need to trim a little off for the roof and front. I will use this and replace it as I can afford it with clear polycarbonate.
My next plan is to cover the floor with permeable membrane and put gravel dow, so that the water goes through but no weeds grow. The gravel should also deter the slugs (in theory).Posted by Picasa

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