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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Monday, March 06, 2006

Expanding the empire

Today there was a bitter wind but the sun was shining again - I went to the plot aiming to plant onion sets and carrotts - only I had to dig the bed first. Hard work it was too. Discussed what I was going to do today woth one of the chaps whose plot is near mine - when I said I was going to sow carrots his eyebrows went rapidly heavenward - hastily I added that I would be putting some fleece over them - I then had to find the blooming stuff, cut it to the right size and try to anchour it, when all it wanted to do was go sailing towards Gt Shelford...

This is the next door plot (photo taken last summer) and I heard that the guys who have it might give it up - they got theirs just before I got my plot. I now have first refusal on it which is great as it will not take too much work to knock it into shape - here's hoping! Posted by Picasa

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