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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Monday, March 27, 2006

Greenhouse update

A proper greenhouse - fully functioning with things growing in it at last!

Yet again today I managed to miss the nice weather and managed to get to the plot just as it was starting to rain - just as well I am made of sturdy stuff! Built another compost bin, emptied out the first one, turned all the contents and them put it back in layering it with two dustbins worth of kitchen waste.

Planted out all the broad beans I had started off at home - more aquadulce claudia and masterpiece green longpod. I was being nosey and spotted that others have their broadbeans planted much closer than I have, might have to fill in the gaps with some more!

The hearting lettuce are starting to germinate - I can never get over the thrill of seeing things start to grow! Posted by Picasa


Chicken J said...

we are just putting our new greenhouse up,yesterday the glass was going to go in,but i dropped a pack smashing it to bits,not pleasing her in charge, just thought i had to tell someone, saw youre blogg,like the chickens best but the plot is good aswell... chicken j

Judith said...

Lovely blog! Can't you keep Louise? or will 'he' be too noisy?

I love seeing seeds sprout - my rocket has just germinated in 48 hours.

Emma Kitteridge said...

Unfortunately he will become too noisy and I don't want to pay for feed etc for a chicken that will not produce eggs - also if we end up with chicks we are likely to end up with more 'boys' to get rid of & we do not have the space for many more hens!

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