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Monday, January 02, 2006

New years day

Today I crept out of the house whilst every one was snoozing (11am) and went into town on a book buying mission. I had been given some book tokens for christmas and they were burning a hole in my handbag. I visited Waterstones, Borders and WH Smiths, and had a wonderful time brousing all the book that were on offer, I eventually bought the River Cottage Cook Book, mainly after having watched most of the River Cottage series' on TV over the past few weeks.

I also bought some reading books for me to while away the dark evenings, The other book I bought for the allotment was Grow your own Vegetables by Joy Larckom. After making my purchases I sat and had a lovely cappuchino ( not sure this how you spell it) and sandwich in waterstones, browsing through the books -

A lovely new years day!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I bought that book too - it is great isn't it! I am enjoying reading your blog and comparing notes.

Happy New Year on the plot

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