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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seed sowing fest

Got up ridiculously early today thanks to OH who took someone to the airport at 05.45 and was not at all quiet when he was getting ready. Cleaned kitchen, cleaned fridge out & hung washing out, then hot footed it to recycling centre to pick up another load of council compost. Got halfway through unloading it & the rain came - retreated into the greenhouse & potted on the rest of the tomatoes. Also sowed some more lettuce (Webb's Wonder), leeks (Pandora & Musselburgh), sweetcorn (Sundance), poached egg plant, butternut squash & courgettes (Zuchini, All Green Bush & Romanesco). By the time I had done all this, the greenhouse looked like a seedling factory & the rain had stopped.
So ventured outside and watered the raspberries - these are the ones I dug up from under the shed & they are nearly all sprouting. I am not exactly sure that they are actually raspberries & might be blackberries - time will tell.....
The strawberries have started to flower & I am looking forward to eating some with cream..... Mmmmmm
The Apple tree I recently planted has just started to flower & what a lovely colour!
The last thing I did today was build the bean frame. I have put enough canes in for 10 runner beans & 10 climbing french beans. We all love beans so if I think I need more I can always put a wigwam up for them.
Of course Buddy had to make sure he was in the photo!


Mal's Allotment said...

Coincidentally I was on a 6:20 flight yesterday and back the same day. Making up time today - and the rest of the week. It's a busy time. Sowed beans today but leaving the poles for a few weeks yet! Buddy a model dog!

Paul and Melanie said...

That all looks great! I need a seed sowing day too, all being well the Easter weekend will be a perfect catching up time. :)

Emma Kitteridge said...

I made full use of the need to only use about 3 days annual leave in order to get a whole load of time off so am spending plenty of time at the lotty, plus I am taking full advantage of the lovely weather!

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