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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Greenhouse weather

Nasty wet horrid day today & I am definitely feeling grotty, managed to prise myself out of bed, after spending most of the morning browsing the internet, looking at other people's blogs, some of which I have not seen before.
I had eventually had enough of vegetating & went of to the plot planning to build a new compost bin. First I transplanted the final tray of onions into modules and potted up the shallots I bought from poundland.
I am not sure I have potted up the shallots correctly, but some of them were looking a bit iffy, and out of 2 bags of shallots I only got 20 that were ok to plant.
I noticed that something is definitely munching my rhubarb, so I have put mesh round them to prevent them being nibbled. There were 4 plants but one got dug up by an animal. The two neares are the best plants, but I thought I would protect the other one to see if it recovers.
I am planning to put a poly tunnel and fruit at the bottom of my plot, but then my imagination went wild and wandered what I could do with an extra half plot. I am not sure if the half plot next to mine has been taken, but I e-mailed the secretary and am waiting for a reply.
My plan would be to put fruit trees on this plot and keep the poly tunnel and fruit bushes on the bottom of my plot. Fruit is always so expensive to buy, so it makes sense to grow more of it.
The plot is covered in brambles and has not been touched in ages, so will need some clearing, but at least under the brambles there will not be much else.
After using up all that energy sowing & planning, I did not get round to building the compost bin....oh well there will be another day!

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