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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a little while later......

Sun was shining so off to the plot I went. Started digging over the second long bed. This had been covered in plastic so it was dry enough to dig. The soil was pretty compacted though and I managed about 1/4 before my back had had enough.
Dug up last gooseberry bush (I thought) but found the stumps of one that I had inadvertently strimmed. On closer inspection I saw that it had started to sprout again so dug that one up also. Potted up both of them & they are now in the greenhouse. I now have 6 gooseberry bushes, 1 redcurrant & 1 blackcurrant. I also sowed some carrot (Paris Market) into a tray for hopefully early carrots.
Once I had finished that I pricked out the lettuce (little gem) into modules, and sowed some more into a tray.
The first batch of broad beans I sowed into loo rolls are starting to germinate.
All the seedlings in my greenhouse looking perky!
Coffee break..... it's a dogs life!
I have not had flowers on the plot before, but I have decided to put in a flower bed at the front, The edges are in & I have laid cardboard on the base. I will add topsoil & council compost when I have collected it.
View down the plot
I met some more new people at the site today, one of whom (Lois) lives just round the corner to me - I realised that I had only just picked up some 'freecycle' root trainers from her the day before.


Jono / Real Men Sow said...

I potted up a gooseberry cutting today. Had never done it before, so was over the moon. The simple things eh?

It was a beautiful day, good to see someone else was lucky enough to be on the plot too.


P.S. Your dog is lovely!

Craig Rockfield said...

You look like you are busying up there :) I really need to get a cold frame or something for my seedlings :S

Hazel said...

Hugely impressed with your brill day at the plot - hope the reasonable weather holds for me to have a go planting red onion sets at the Hill tomorrow (they don't do well for me overwinter - and I luuuuurve red onions!)

Also note your v tidy & well organised greenhouse - no mouldy squash for you!

And although I am only jealous of your organisation (sweet peas, onion, broadies, leek etc) are you really going to eat 40 lettuces ready the same time...... ;-)

Emma Kitteridge said...

Mmmm now you come to think of it Hazel, I might have overdone it on the lettuce front, but we do eat loads - even my children will eat lettuce just as a snack, so hopefully they won't go to waste!

Jono, thanks for your comments about my dog - He's surprising well behaved on the plot, apart when he's stealing people's gnomes!

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