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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Specific Gravity & yeast

When I measured the specific gravity of my fledgling wine last night it was 1.021, I took it this morning again and it seems even lower (which is what I would expect) but the reading is nowhere near what it should be - Is that because I have not put in enough sugar or have I done something wrong?
These are photos of the hydrometer
and this is the yeast I used - perhaps it is the wrong sort, but it was the only one available in Wilkinsons, however, a trip to Cutlack's showed me that there was what looked like ordinary dried yeast also available - I am now thinking that I have got the wrong sort.
I might need another trip to Cutlacks to get the right sort of yeast.

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Hazel said...

Panic not, Emma - all is well! I told you those hydrometers were tricksy! Looking at your pic, the reading is actually about 1.126 not 1.021.

(If you look at your second pic, 1.021 would be right up at the top, just under the red band)

As the yeast turns the sugar in the brew into alcohol, the hydrometer will sink to a lower level and the SG will fall (I'd expect it to come down to under 1.000 in the space of a couple of weeks or so).

So you are on course, and the Wilko yeast is just fine. :-)

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