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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Monday, February 21, 2011

Plotting again!

I am on annual leave this week and because the weather has been so grotty & I have also been feeling grotty, today I have been forced into watching TV, reading books and browsing the internet - It's a hard life! - The trouble with this is that my mind goes into overdrive & I start planning all the other things that I would like to do - Then my husband starts groaning!

I fancy the idea of having some bees on the plot, thinking that my new orchard would be a great place for them to sit.......Might have to think again as it might be difficult to steer clear of the hives on just one plot. I think I will need to find out a bit more before any decisions are made.

I have been reading Hazel's Blog & she has been making all sorts of wine - This is something else I fancy having a go at. There does not seem to be a home brew shop in Cambridge - too full of designer clothes shops! But there is a great hardware shop nearby so I am off there tomorrow to see if they keep items for brewing your own. I am also going to see if I can get some home brew items from Freecycle.


Hazel said...

Hi Emma! Thanks for the mention!

Charity shops are great places for demijohns - but you have to ask as they are too big and are normally kept in the back. Also clear demijohns are more useful than dark (as you can see what's going on!).

If you have a Wilkinsons near by they will sell all the basic stuff that you need. A good place to start is with a 'Youngs Wine Kit'. They are sold by Wilko, and for £20 include a couple of buckets, a lid and all you need to make a batch of wine. The wine ain't great, but it is quick to make, and will give you a 'feel' for how all the processes come together.

For your first home brew from scratch, I'd recommend waiting till the rhubarb is growing and have a go at rhubarb wine.

Good luck! :)

Emma Kitteridge said...

Hi Hazel, Thanks for your advice - I am now of to the local charity shops to see if they have any demijohns, then to our local shop for the rest, failing that over to Wilkinsons! Thought I'g give some dried elderflower a go first, then Rhubarb, once the season starts.


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