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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's my birthday!

Well today I have reached the ripe old age of 21 again! and look at the fabulous bunch of flowers that my son gave me.....Thank you Francis!
Spent the morning looking at home brew recipes and then set off in search of equipment, Initially went to the local hardwear shop which had everything you could have wanted, but it was very expensive, so took a trip over to Ely, where the nearest Wilkinson's is, to see what they had.
Came away with some seeds (Runner bean- Bunyards Exhibition, Climbing french bean - Blue lake, Carrott - Paris Market, Beetroot - Boltardy, some more sweet peas & some stocks) & more greenhouse most of the equipment I needed to start making my own wine.
I had hoped to get a beginners kit, but they did not have any, so got all the component parts and then returned to Cutlack's to get the siphon hose, smaller bucket (Wilko's only had ginormous ones) and a hose clippy thing to make it easier when siphoning. Cutlack's will be great to replace things when I run out, but for the initial buying of the equipment it made sense to further afield. Unfortunately they had run out of dried elder flowers & will not have any in until next week. Also scouted round the charity shops to see if any of them had any demi johns......there were none to be had, so as I have not had any replies from freecycle, I might resort to large water bottles courtesy of Tesco's but I don't need them imediately.

Impatient as I am - I hot footed it home to order some dried elderflowers on line, and now I must wait until they arrive - might get on with sterilising equipment..........


Hazel said...

Happy birthday, Emma! My, what a thoughtful son you have there - those flowers are lovely (as is the card).

Glad you found a Wilko - you seem to have the lot more or less covered there. Don't forget you'll need a couple of bags of sugar too (the times that I've had to run to the corner shop!).

Good idea about the water bottles (assuming you can get the bung/airlock in?) - you can phone round all the charity shops, or ask them to put any they get on one side for you.

haha - word ver = drool

Emma Kitteridge said...

Hi Hazel.
I thought I might as well get everything whilst I was at Wilkinsons as it is about 15 miles away & the local store is way more expensive.
Re demi-johns I saw on the grapevine that some people use big water bottles, I just need to work out how to fit the airlocks firmly enough. The PET demi-johns for sale look exactly like waterbottles with holes in the caps, but are 3 x the price!

I will let you know how I get on..


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