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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dig in

Had to make sure that I got to the plot in reasonable time this morning as I am off to Wembley with my daughter to see the X Factor Live (She likes one direction but I think Matt Cardle is great - if only I was a few years younger!) Any way, decided to try to get the digging finished on bed 2, which was easier going as I got towards the end of the bed.
I actually managed to finish it before I needed to leave which was a relief - Now I need to tackle the grassy ones which will be MUCH harder going, as I will need to take out all the couch grass....and there is loads of it!
As I was digging away Rachel came over brandishing what looked to unaccustomed eye, a load of twigs, but it turns out she was actually clutching some raspberry canes that she had thinned out from her plot & did I want them? Oooooh yes please! So I followed her advice & heeled them into one of the soon to be strawberry beds for the time being, until I can plant them into their proper place in the fruit beds once I have rotorvated & prepared the ground.......Mmmm that's another story!
Dominic & Andy were at their plot but were having bad luck with the rotorvator, as the first one they picked up wouldn't start and the second on was working OK on cultivated land but was just bouncing around & not digging in on the uncultivated areas, so They gave up and took it back & got a refund. Now we are on plan B - the options are to try to get a very hefty rotorvator from somewhere or dig the whole area.....What to do?
I really want to get the poly tunnel up and also at least have the ground prepared to plant the fruit bushes and trees, so that I can then plant out the bushes I already have and plant trees as & when I manage to get them. I wouldn't bother rotorvating but the ground is so uneven with great big dips and craters in it, if I want to have a grassy orchard area it really needs to be flat. It would lake me ages to dig, so still think It will be best to rotorvate, particularly as I need to focus the digging on the veg beds.
Oh well - onwards & upwards...

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