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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Sunday, March 20, 2011

That's shallot!

It was a dull day today, but not too cold. Managed to get to the plot in the afternoon, ventured into the greenhouse and noticed that loads more of the poundland shallots have sprouted - hoorah!
I filled up 2 of the grey crates with compost and planted out the lettuce (little Gem). The tubs are very deep & so next time will put some council compost into them first, then top them off with ordinary compost.
A art from pottering in the greenhouse, I got on with more digging on bed 3. The couch grass is very thick & it is hard work getting it all out - I think it is worse than the bind weed!
Rather than completely dig the beds in turn, I think I am going to get a bit of each of the ones I still have left to prepare so that I can get the seedlings out. My broad bean seedlings need to be put out ASAP, and as yet I have no where to put them.

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