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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Door swap

Well I made it back from the X Factor live & I must say that I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it & of course Matt Cardle was great! (I also have a photo of him to put up in my shed!)

I was slightly jaded today though after driving to London & back, then I had to be up early for music practice so managed to make it to the plot at about 2pm this afternoon. The bushes in the greenhouse are all putting on plenty of green growth, even the one I strimmed is trying it's hardest to reach for the skies!
Of course by the time I made it to the plot, the sun that had shown it's self in the morning had conveniently hidden & it was very cold - typical!
Decided to carry out the mammoth task of swapping the ends of the greenhouse round - This involves taking the whole of both ends out at the same time and then rebuilding them. There is always a bit of a dodgy moment when there are no ends at all & the greenhouse feels very rickety, but I managed to get it done & with only one broken pane of glass.
So now the door to the shed & the greenhouse will be able to lead off the same path, which means that I can make a proper 'entrance' to the plot & hopefully when there is an arch to walk under & flowers in the front bed it will look lovely!
It went from this end...
To this end!

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