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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Friday, March 11, 2011


After the aborted attempt to share a rotorvator with Dominic, My husband came up trumps - his landscape gardening friend let me use his for the bargain price of 30 pounds - Result!
Anyway today was the the day for rotorvating the bottom of the plot & once I had been shown how to use the machine, they left me to it.... I eventually made it home completely exhausted & aching so much I could not even sleep. The machine was a very heavy beast with absolutely no sense of direction & it would only go round a right hand corner. I also ended up with numerous bruises all up & down my legs. The soil was not broken down enough to sow into but was ok to level out.
This was the beast, and I can honestly say that I felt just like Barbara from the good life as I motored it back home at the end of the day.
This is the bottom of the plot once I had rotorvated it and evened it out. It has gone from huge great craters to slight undulations!
I can now get on with putting out the fruit bushes and the apple tree that I have got ready & waiting.

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