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Plot 46, Burnside Allotments, Cambridge

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fruit planting

It was such a lovely day when I ventured up to the plot today - warm & sunny - enough to make me feel positively chirpy, even though I was still extremely achy from the previous day's exertions!

I installed the edging boards round the other half of the long rhubarb bed and transplanted the rhubarb so it is nicely spread out - The entrance to the plot is looking better bit by bit.
I also planted the fruit bushes into the area I rotorvated & levelled yesterday - I still need to get another Red Gooseberry and some blueberry bushes, but I am nearly there.
Further down I planted the apple (Cox's orange pippin) & plum (victoria) trees. I will be adding to these over the next year as the season for bare root trees is nearly over. They are planted quite closely together, but this is because fruit trees do not grow particularly well on our soil (clay top soil 1-2 spades depth above clay/chalk subsoil) so you end up with smaller trees even with fairly vigorous root stocks. I will prune them to keep them within a sensible size.

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